A range of earthmoving products suitable for the mining and construction industry

For almost 40 years Service Exchange Components have been supplying the mining and construction industry with quality equipment. We pride ourselves in giving back to the industry the knowledge and experienced gained over the years. If you are looking to purchase equipment for your construction business or a new mine operation, you have come to the right company that specialises individual pieces of equipment as well as large fleets of earth moving machinery.

Being able to export and import genuine parts from all over the world, has taught us how clients appreciate the extra effort made by us to ensure they get exactly what they need. Building customer relationships with our clients has contributed largely to us having loyal clients who rely on us for these valuable earthmoving products.

Service Exchange Components manufacture Flexible couplings, designed to protect the drive system from damage under the severe conditions in the mining industry. With the product having many other functions such accommodating varying degrees of misalignment up to 3° with some parallel misalignment. In addition, this product is perfect for vibration damping or noise reduction.

Our business mission is to ensure that the mining and construction industry benefits during any production process. For quality and durability associate your company with Service Exchange Components, we offer the best solutions for both individual pieces and heavy duty earthmoving equipment.

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