Our Workshop facility is designed to repair all equipment related to this complex industry

The last blog we published Focused on explaining the complex products and services offered by Service Exchange Components. We shared in depth knowledge about all the different complicated products, the parts and spares that comprise the service we offer in the Earthmoving and Mining industry. With almost 40 years of experience in this industry we have experts solving problems on a daily basis that are connected to the equipment used in a very important sector in the South African economy  the mining industry.

 The highly skilled experts that are part of our team have been in this field for years and are clued up in repairing and maintaining mining and earthmoving equipment. Call Service Exchange Components for a quote; better yet visit our workshop facility for a full assessment on your vehicles (trucks) and mining equipment. Stopping by our workshop might just be the solution you have been looking for.

For a wide range of products and services we have a specialised workshop facility where the repairing and maintaining process happens daily. Service Exchange Components offers an in-house workshop facility to ensure that all repair services such as axles (complete front and rear), differentials, brake and penalty assemblies, ride cylinders, steering cylinders, hydraulics and so much more are repaired, maintained or replaced.

Service Exchange Components takes pride in quality workmanship and attention to detail. To ensure we uphold our promise to provide quality products and astounding service, all work done comes with a warranty. Contact us today.

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