Tips for Earth Moving Equipment Maintenance

Earth moving equipment doesn’t come cheap; in fact, if you are in the construction industry, where earth-moving plays an integral role, your equipment is a long-term investment that must be properly maintained. An important reason for carrying out continued maintenance on your earth moving equipment is to prevent serious or fatal injuries.

The statistics for workers injured while operating earth moving equipment are quite high annually. Regular maintenance will help you to spot potential problems early on, which can be fixed immediately. At Service Exchange Components, we provide sound service for repairs and maintenance, as well as offer tips for our customers in the industry.

  • Lubricating the equipment and its components and tools is absolutely imperative if you want to avoid damage or malfunction. The nature of the movement of heavy-duty machinery causes constant friction, which can result in severe damage if not properly and regularly lubricated


  • Draw up a pre-operation check list for workers to go through before working with any heavy duty machinery. This will be a great way to spot any damage and have it repaired immediately


Of course, the first step to take is to invest in quality earth moving equipment, and we at Service Exchange Components, have a range that will certainly meet your needs and requirements. We provide full support to our customers and with vast knowledge of what the market has to offer, and many years of industry experience, we can help you select the right equipment and phenomenal after-sales service too.

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