What are the Safety Regulations in place when using Mining Equipment?

Practicing safety when using mining equipment is crucial. It ensures that not only are your employees safe, your equipment will remain in great condition for years to come. There are safety regulations that must be followed to meet the health and safety standards that have been set out.


Using mining equipment such as construction machinery


When using construction equipment, it is important to always practice basic safety, such as wearing seat-belts and checking that the equipment is not broken, or that what needs to be repaired is repaired quickly. There are other important safety regulations which must be followed:


  • Regular inspections of all pieces of the equipment should be done; things like, what needs replacing, repairing or should no longer be in use
  • Ensure that workers are using the correct equipment for the job, and that the correct safety equipment is used at all times
  • Ensure that all mining equipment undergoes maintenance services, checking elements such as lubrication and repairs
  • Ensure that all workers are educated on the dangers of the machinery and explain to them exactly how the equipment is to be used


Using mining equipment comes with great responsibility, safety rules and regulations. There are some general safety regulations that need to be followed when using heavy equipment.

Invest in training

Your technicians and operators need to know how to use the heavy equipment. It is, therefore, crucial to invest in training when introducing new equipment or new employees.

Be extra cautious

A job site is characterized by a myriad of distractions which retract the attention of your employees. Ensure that your workers are focused on the job at hand and they will remain safe and secure until the task is completed.


Set a slower pace

More often than not, a deadline has to be met. This means that many foremen rush jobs, which can result in an unsafe working environment. Ensure that you work at a steady pace, without cutting corners, and your workers will remain safe.


Safe practices when operating mining equipment lead to well-maintained machinery and happy employees, so ensure that your workplace follows the correct procedures.  

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