Why you should use Service Exchange Components for your Mining Equipment?

When it comes to purchasing the right equipment for your mining operation, at Service Exchange Components, we encourage our clients to consider certain factors before making the move. From your budget to the magnitude of your operation and beyond, it’s crucial to do the research so that you install mining equipment that is going to help your operation thrive.

You’ve probably already considered your budget and the type of equipment you need. To ensure you consider all facets of your mining equipment, we will discuss some considerations to keep in mind.

Unit location

Location is usually not considered until later in the purchasing process. When you consider your facility or mining location, the space you have to work with, and the condition of the unit’s future location, you ensure that you purchase equipment that is properly sized, properly equipped and easily installed. Advanced mining equipment is more compact than ever, so it makes it a lot easier to streamline installation.


Along with the location of your mining equipment, you should also consider the topography of your extraction, processing, or final product removal. If there is an incline or decline, you will need conveyor belts and vibratory feeders that can withstand additional friction and have steadier speeds. At Service Exchange Components, we will provide you with materials that will fit in your specific topography, rather than trying to retrofit something.

Material activation

Feeding and activating material is one of the primary functions of many mining processes. Properly controlling material flow ensure that downstream processing equipment receives the correct amount of material at the appropriate rate. An important part of the material activation process, you need equipment that is not only rugged and able to handle the demanding environment, but dependable and requires little maintenance.


Our cutting edge mining equipment offers better output than the older models, as well as better rates and yields. The ability for units to extract minerals with less energy per revolution reduces the overall cost of the machinery, which increases your ROI in the long run. The ability to extract ore and minerals quicker allows units to process material more efficiently, so retention time required to extract material is significantly reduced.

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